Meet the Team

  • Dr. Kelly Schultz ( DNP, RN, AGNP-C)
    • Owner
      • I am a Adult-Geriatric Certified Nurse Practitioner. My history is in Palliative Medicine as well as a previous College-Level Educator. My goal is to give ethical, competent care and I am a fierce patient advocate. In my personal life, I have two wonderful children Kara and Emma as well a devoted husband Lukas. In my personal time I love anything to do with water and have a passion for good food!
      • In the past I worked for companies that did not have the same vision for providing care that I did. Most of the companies cared more about money as the bottom line and this was at the expense of the patient’s care. Being a patient advocate I frequently talked with my patients in the community to find out what they wanted and what they felt was most important in regards to their care. Then when I left and formed my own company I made it into an environment that the patients trusted and wanted to come to.

  • Dionne Lowe
    • Medical Assistant and Office Manager
      • I am the medical assistant and office manager. I am the first face you usually see and I am frequently the last one to see your leave so my goal is that you start and leave with a smile! I also check the patients vitals, assist in wound care, and make sure that everything is in order in the office. I love helping people which is why I’m so happy to be apart of Nurse Practitioner Consultants.
      • I have one daughter Chanel, who happens to be our esthetician and I love spending time with my family and friends.

  •  Chanel Lowe
    • Esthetician
      • I specialize in skin treatments, waxing, and makeup. I have been in love with treating skin for a very long time, even before I knew what an esthetician truly was! My journey started at 13 years old, growing up with acneic, problematic skin, you have to find ways to remedy your issues pretty quickly. I spent years experimenting with treating my own skin, now I have the pleasure of helping others improve the look and feel of their own skin. It is very rewarding knowing that I can help people improve their skin and build up their confidence.
      • Living in Arizona can definitely take a toll on the skin. The heat and other elements can cause a lot of buildup, texture and brown spots on the skin. Which is why it needs extra attention even more so the older we get! I provide a plethora of services and I will even make house visits if you want a service done in the comfort of your home!   


Location 4555 E. Mayo Blvd. Building #3000 Phoenix, AZ 85050 Phone (480) 384•5816 E-mail Hours •MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM; 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM• •SATURDAY 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM• •SUNDAY by appointment only!•
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